About Cursive Design Studio

Hello! I’m Jazz the creator of Cursive Design Studio. I started this company about 6 years ago when I created Jazz, but i’ve been designing for over 10 years, and also a SW for the same (I didn’t start with Jazzy!), and happily I have found my niche! 



I love creating brands that are custom to each unique person, or to who ever they want to be! I can work with a variety of styles, and love to get creative, so don’t hesitate to tell me your ideas. I absolutely love working with SW’s because every project is so different and beautiful than everyday life. All of the glitter, flowers, colours, themes, the beautiful imagery, etc. It’s just fabulous!


Feel free to get in touch! Please check out my portfolio. 




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Prices can vary depending on what you have in mind, so please inquire and I can give you a more accurate quote. All services are safe services.



Logo & Branding 



This is where we figure out your branding style. It’s helps us decide what font’s we use, what colours you like, preferred styles, etc. throughout your business. Thing’s like your website, banners, advertisements, Twitter, etc.


Click here to see some examples.




I love making banners! They are beautiful and eye caching, and some forums allow you to display one for free with your subscription. Also if you exchange with other SW’s that connect to your website it increases your SEO. I work with you throughout the process to make something that reflects your brand perfectly. Prices vary depending if you want it static or animated. If you are also getting a website with me a take $100 off! :) 


See here to see some of our banners! 

Website assistance


If you already have a website and would like some help with it, we are also here for you! Just shoot me a message. 




Get some help with that sexy bio! 

Photo editing



Face blurring, tattoo removal, digital room cleaning etc, 

Please inquire for exact pricing.


Twitter Headers and Images 


Spruce up your brand with a snazzy Twitter header, or Touring schedule image that can be static or animated.  See examples here!



Custom Website 


(Please inquire for pricing)


A custom website just add’s an extra ompff to your brand. With a much stronger web building tool it makes your site; eye catching, beautiful, and with seamless transitions. No clunky code! We can make your beautiful photoshoots really stand out with limitless design potential. Also this code is transferable. It is yours keep and is safely backed up so you don’t need to worry. This process takes a little longer, but the results are worth it! The subscription fee is $25 per month, with lower prices for the longer you subscribe.


Popular Pages:



About Me





Tour Schedule 



Don’t see the page you are looking to make? Give us a shout! We can make it happen.

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To contact me please email 00JazzyJazz@gmail.com.

I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

Please feel free to follow my Twitter in the meantime!

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Thank you!

Jazzy Jazz